About Us: 

Founded in 1989, American Fiberglass Corporation started with the aim of creating quality fiberglass products at a competitive price.

  • Initially started with a small experienced team supplying the racing industry.
  • Developed American Fiberglass Corporation fiberglass design, a tooling department capable of expanding our markets. 
  • Attracted more diverse clients with a larger market base.  
  • Expanded into a 26,740 square foot facility, increasing employees, including engineering support capabilities, while maintaining our high quality standards.

American Fiberglass

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to bring quality fiberglass fabrication to the market at a competitive price, utilizing innovative technology to protect our community and environment.

Get the quality you deserve!

American Fiberglass Corporation Fiberglass Manufacturing:

  • Serving multiple industries for over 30 years including but not limited to: advertising, racing, after market automotive, transportation, heavy equipment, specialty kit car bodies, water treatment, pharmaceutical, amusements, agricultural, chemical, and industrial. 
  • Flexibility enabling short and long production cycles. 
  • Proven quality standards within the fiberglass industry utilizing our in house quality control process.
  • Design engineering assistance for all projects to meet customer need and cost.
  • Talented staff capable of achieving from concept to completion.
  • Located in Rock Hill, SC near Charlotte, NC, Interstate 85 and Interstate 77; within close proximity of major air, sea, and rail ports. 

American Fiberglass Corporation 

Over 30 years of quality service

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